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A More Agile Approach to Waterfall:

Create a schedule that is an iterative project plan.

PMSuccess was founded by Vince McGevna to share his experience with new project managers through
e-learning. E-learning allows people to learn at their own pace, it allows replaying any lesson at any time, and it can be made available for significantly lower cost.

Vince's Project and Program Management Experience:

Over 20 years of experience in New Product Development (NPD)

What Drives Project Management Success?

Investing the time and energy to develop and improve project management skills

This training presents the process that has evolved over the past 20+ years, including all of the success factors, and the Microsoft Project techniques that were developed to facilitate that process. The training also highlights practices that could have prevented some real, major catastrophes.

Projects involved the development of interacting software, electronics and mechanical hardware for various industries

Project durations ranged from 6 months to over two years

Project team size of at least six developers and frequently more than 20

Learning from mistakes - both my own and those of others

Carefully planning the project while realizing that the plan will change

Focusing on the big picture

Tracking progress and using it to predict the future

Mastering Microsoft Project as a planning tool

Vince has taught at SJSU Professional Development, and has made numerous presentations at MPUG and PMI.

Vince is certified as a Project Management Professional (PMP) and a PRINCE2 Practitioner.