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Schedules drive project success . . .

We help drive scheduling success!

A More Agile Approach to Waterfall:

Create a schedule that is an iterative project plan.

Project Planning & Management with Microsoft Project 2007

Your schedule is more than dates - it must reflect all planning: risk, quality, procurement, etc.

Microsoft Project is a scheduling tool that allows you to capture all of this, and more, and turn your project schedule into a comprehensive project plan.

In this course you will:

Start with the basics of building a schedule

See how to take advantage of the features of Project to create and level that schedule

Use the features to turn the schedule into a project plan

Create custom views to manage that plan

Then learn how to manage your project, not just your schedule!

8 hrs of video lessons with numerous exercises to apply what you've learned.

Custom View: Project Strategy Showing Risks

Regardless of your current level of experience, you can quickly master Microsoft Project and make your job as project manager a lot easier. You can complete the course in just a few days!

However, condensed into those few days is 15 plus years of experience using Project to create, level and track dozens of projects of various size and complexity.

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