Projects drive business success . . .

Schedules drive project success . . .

We help drive scheduling success!

A More Agile Approach to Waterfall:

Create a schedule that is an iterative project plan.

Schedule Centered Planning e-Learning Course

Key planning elements covered in this course:

What is a work breakdown structure (WBS)

How to assure good estimates

Dealing with resource issues

Developing a strategy to manage the big picture

Creating, leveling and pulling in your schedule

Your Project Schedule is the focus of all planning . . .

. . . and it drives project execution.

Identifying and analyzing risks & managing risk from your schedule

Assuring that you produce a quality product

Adding procurement to your schedule

Schedule Centered Planning  is not a new approach, but it is unique. It stresses the holistic nature of planning, and reflects insights gained in 20+ years of successfully managing projects, insights that are not found in any project management textbooks. When properly applied, what you learn will greatly reduce, possible even eliminate the chaos that seems to be inevitable on too many projects. In fact, much of the motivation for creating this course was the observation of a number of disasters that were preventable, or at least predictable.

If you are new to planning, or if you manage large, complex projects, deal with multidisciplinary teams, or work in an environment where the focus is primarily on the schedule, then this e-learning course is for you.

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