Projects drive business success . . .

Schedules drive project success . . .

We help drive scheduling success!

A More Agile Approach to Waterfall:

Create a schedule that is an iterative project plan.

Schedule Centered Planning

What goes into your schedule?


Product Breakdown & Process Deliverables
Resource Assignments
Risk Based Estimates, Risk Mitigation Tasks & Buffers
Quality Activities & Responsibilities
Procurement Activities & Leadtimes

Your Project Schedule is the focus of all planning . . .

. . . and it drives project execution.

Include all tasks and activities that either take time or might impact the start of other activities.

Generate realistic estimates, reflecting known risks rather than hope or undue optimism

Develop a strategy to incrementally create and integrate the pieces in the WBS

To create a realistic Schedule you must:

Determine your risks, their impact, and decide how to deal with them

Identify all quality activities which includes potential followup activities when quality issues are raised

Understand your procurement process and the lead times for activities such as getting signatures

Then you have dates you can commit to, and, your schedule is your project plan!


Game Plan to Incrementally Develop WBS Elements


Work or Cost for WBS Elements