Building Your Own Championship Team and Hall of Fame Company

Property management business owners and entrepreneurs can learn a lot from the world of sports. Building a successful business is like creating a championship team. It’s not just about having the best players or the most resources; it’s about cultivating a culture of excellence, having a clear vision, and executing strategies as a team. 

Let’s explore the foundations of creating a Hall of Fame-worthy property management company:

Company Core Values: The Team’s Heartbeat

In sports, a team’s core values are its heartbeat. They are the principles that guide players both on and off the field. Similarly, in property management, your company’s core values are created by you and your team. They represent the essence of your company’s identity – your team’s ethos. They are the non-negotiable principles that everyone in your organization lives by, shaping decisions and actions. Just like a coach instills discipline and a winning mindset in a sports team, a strong leader embeds a company’s core values into its culture.

Mission and Vision Statements: The Championship Dream

Every sports team starts with a dream – to win a championship. This dream is encapsulated in its mission (what they aim to do every game) and vision (the ultimate goal they strive for). For your property management company, your mission and vision statements articulate the future you envision and your purpose in the marketplace. It could be to redefine the standard of living through exceptional property management or to be the leading property management firm in your region. These statements are your championship dream, guiding your entire team towards a shared goal.

The Rule Book: Your Company Policies

In sports, rules ensure fair play and order.  These rules are created by others and you have to play by their rules if you want to win. In business, you get to write your own rule book – YOU get to decide how to win the game.  Your rule book (how you win the game) is set by you, the business owner, and the rules are the policies of your company. These policies are the framework within which your company operates. They define what your team does in the game of business to win. These rules aren’t just bureaucratic red tape; they are the foundations that ensure your business runs smoothly and ethically and can begin to run without you.

The Playbook: Your Company Processes

If policies are the rules of the game, then the playbook is the list of plays a company calls to win it. In football, a playbook contains the tactics and plays the team will use to put points on the scoreboard. In your property management business, the playbook consists of the processes you implement to adhere to your policies. It’s about how you handle client inquiries, manage properties, and resolve issues. This playbook ensures that your team knows exactly what to do in any given situation, making your business operations seamless and efficient.  The plays in the playbook (the processes) are HOW your company operates.

The Team: Your MVPs on the Field

Finally, the heart and soul of any sports team or business: the team. In sports, this includes not just the players, but also the coaches, support staff, and management. In your property management company, this is your employees, vendors, and strategic partners. They are the ones who execute your playbook, live by your core values, and work towards fulfilling your mission and vision. Building a strong, cohesive, and motivated team is critical. Just like a sports coach, you recruit, train, and lead your team, fostering a spirit of teamwork, respect, and excellence.


Building a championship team in the property management industry is about much more than just managing properties. It’s about creating a culture of excellence, having a clear strategic vision, playing by the rules, and executing your game plan with precision. And at the heart of it all is your team – the individuals who bring your company’s values and vision to life. You can build a Hall of Fame-worthy business that not only wins in the marketplace but also makes a lasting impact.

P.S – The Importance of a Good Coach

If you are interested in seeing what a good property management coach can do for you and your company as you build your Championship Team and Hall of Fame Company feel free to book a slot on my calendar to see how I can help.

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