Embracing the Journey: Lessons from the Triple Crown of 200s

The Finish Line is Just the Beginning.

As entrepreneurs, we often chase monumental goals, pushing our limits in pursuit of success. Recently, I took a journey that paralleled this entrepreneurial spirit – completing the Destination Trail’s Triple Crown of 200s.

This experience, though profoundly fulfilling, left me with an unexpected emotion: sadness.

Why? The answer lies not just in the accomplishment but in the journey and what comes after.

The Anticipation of Success:

For nearly a year, every stride, every breath, every moment of my training was dedicated to crossing the finish lines of the Bigfoot 200, Tahoe 200, and Moab 240 (Three 200+ mile races totaling 654 miles). Much like building a business, this period was filled with strategic planning, envisioning challenges and successes, and setting monumental goals. The focus was intense, singular, and all-consuming – a familiar feeling for any entrepreneur pouring their heart and soul into their business.

The Moment of Triumph:

Crossing each finish line was a mixture of physical exhaustion and overwhelming joy. The joy of accomplishing the hardest thing I had ever set out to do was indescribable. Yet, in this moment of triumph, I faced an unexpected emptiness.

Why? Because the goal that had driven me, given me purpose, and defined my daily life, was now achieved. What next?

The Entrepreneur’s Dilemma:

This is a feeling many entrepreneurs can relate to. We set grand goals, work tirelessly towards them, and once achieved, we often find ourselves at a loss. What’s next when you’ve reached the peak you’ve been striving for?

The Joy of the Journey:

Reflecting on this, I had a deeper understanding that the true joy of accomplishment was found on the trail, in the journey towards the finish line.

It’s about the process, the growth, the challenges overcome, and the community built along the way. Our crew and pacers, similar to a business team, worked cohesively, making mistakes but learning and growing together. This sense of community, of shared goals and mutual support, is the essence of both running ultra-marathons and entrepreneurial ventures.

The Community of Shared Passions:

In each race, being part of a community with deep, shared interests was empowering. We supported and pushed each other towards our goals, much like a mastermind of entrepreneurs who thrive on collective wisdom and encouragement.

Always Striving for More:

Despite finishing in the top 10 of the Triple Crown, I felt I could have done better. These are the same feelings that I experience as an entrepreneur where we are always striving for continuous improvement. Where we think we could have done better in the last challenge and we have so much potential in the next challenge. The next goal is always on the horizon and when it’s not it feels unfamiliar and unknown.

As entrepreneurs, our journeys don’t end at a single finish line. They evolve, leading us to new paths, new challenges.

The sadness I felt upon completing the Triple Crown wasn’t about the end of a journey, but about the transition to the next. It’s a reminder to appreciate the journey, the community we build, and to always look forward to the next challenge.

:Reflect on your entrepreneurial journey. What has been your ‘Triple Crown’? How has the journey shaped you, and what’s your next big goal?

Share your stories with us and let’s continue to inspire each other in this relentless pursuit of growth and excellence.

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