Exchanging My Facebook Groups for a True Community

The terms “Social Media” and “Social Networking” are often used interchangeably, yet they represent fundamentally different concepts and purposes. 

This distinction is critical, especially for members aiming to foster genuine connections and shared growth (like most of the entrepreneurs that I know). 

As I explored these differences, I found myself deep down the rabbit hole of how social media platforms like Facebook, with their underlying profit motives, manipulate user attention to keep you on the platform to sell more ads and to cause division amongst its users and it isn’t good.

Conversely, platforms designed specifically for social networking offer an online community for those seeking meaningful interactions with those aligned with similar goals and principles, without all of the manipulative practices. 

Social Media vs. Social Networking: Unraveling the Knot

Social Media: The Attention Economy’s Playground

Social Media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are digital platforms designed to capture and retain user attention. At their core, they are broadcasting tools, enabling users to share content, from personal updates to news articles. 

However, this massive reach comes at a cost. The platforms operate within an “attention economy,” where user engagement (measured in clicks, likes, and shares) is currency. Sophisticated algorithms curate and present content that maximizes user time on the platform, often prioritizing sensational or divisive content over meaningful interaction. This model, while profitable, tends to dilute genuine connections, making it challenging for users to engage in deep, purposeful conversations.

If you belong to a group on Facebook you probably already know that you don’t see all of the group posts that you want to see and the ones you do see are sandwiched between some divisive or purposefully addictive content intentionally causing you to have to scroll through a bunch of noise before you get to see your next piece of networking content, which you may not see at all.

The Manipulative Grip of Social Media Platforms

Social media platforms, with their relentless pursuit of user engagement, deploy various tactics that manipulate user attention. From endless scrolling features to personalized content feeds, these platforms are designed to keep users online for as long as possible. This relentless pursuit often leads to overconsumption, distraction, and even addiction, detracting from us from personal well-being and real-life relationships. Furthermore, these platforms commoditize user data, leveraging it for targeted advertising and content delivery that serves their economic interests over user privacy or autonomy.

Social Networking: Fostering Genuine Connections

Social Networking, on the other hand, emphasizes the creation and nurturing of relationships. Platforms dedicated to social networking focus on connecting individuals with similar goals, interests, or professions (like property management), facilitating interactions that are more intentional and focused.

In social networking, the value lies not in the breadth of content shared but in the quality of relationships formed. Users come together to support, learn from, and inspire each other, building communities grounded in mutual respect and shared purpose.

The Empowering Potential of Social Networking Communities

Communities built on platforms designed specifically for networking are meant for those tired of the manipulative tactics prevalent on social media. 

I have just launched MVP.pmsuccess.com a community specifically designed for networking that prioritizes user experience and community building over passive consumption. We are just beginning and you have the opportunity to be one of the first to help set the culture and purpose of the community.

Our community “The League of MVPs” empowers you to take control of your time online, customize your notification settings and connect specifically with people who cheer for you and your success. It offers tools and features that enable meaningful interaction, from focused discussion forums to event organization functionalities.

Members of The League all have the same desire: to ensure that interactions are aligned with the community’s goals and values and that each member is able to benefit from the positive online community.

Why Transitioning away from Facebook makes Sense:

The decision to move a community from a social media giant like Facebook to a networking-centric platform like MVP.pmsuccess.com is rooted in the desire for deeper engagement and genuine connection.

Our philosophy centers on facilitating interactions that are intentional and enriching, as opposed to the often superficial and distracting nature of social media engagement. Our gathering space offers a community for focused discussions, collaboration, and networking, free from the noise and manipulation of other social media platforms.

The transition from social media to social networking is not just a change of platform; it’s a statement of intent—a commitment to prioritizing meaningful connections over mere consumption. For those of us seeking to build and nurture such communities, the choice is clear.

Join the rebellion and become a part of your true community “The League of MVPs”. Create your free account here.

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